Daily challenge scoreboard only shows my score


I don’t get anyone else’s score info on the scoreboard, just a rotating pie chart in the middle of the screen which never goes away… I can only see my score across the last week.
Do I need to login somewhere for it to work? I’m using iOS.


Are you logged in to Game Center on your phone? The game is supposed to show you the login button if you’re not logged in, but we’ve just had another report of the loading animation playing infinitely instead so I assume we broke it somewhere along the way. We’ll take a look at the code.


Hi Peter, I don’t see a login button anywhere on the interface I’m afraid. Which screen would you expect it to be on?


It’s not the in the game (though it should be). To log in through the Settings app, open Settings and scroll down to Game Center. Tap on that and follow the instructions to sign in.


Works, thanks! Great game btw :slight_smile:


In my case it’s happening since some weeks ago in all modes :S
I’m running Windows 10.