Daily Challenge: Weekly additions standardized?


Dear developers,

just to go sure: is it guaranteed that all player in the daily challenges get the same weekly additions to choose from? I cannot say for sure, but I had the impression that when I played same daily challenge on different devices, I was offered different weekly additions.

Was desperately hoping for tunnels and didn’t get it, while I had already built them earlier on the first device (or so).

If same behaviour is not guaranteed, I say “bug report” and I hope you don’t say “unintended feature”.

Regards from Germany,


They do use the same seed to generate the assets you can pick from at each week, however those calculations to take what has happened during the game into account. So if you’ve used all your tunnels or bridges, there is a higher chance that you will be offered more. There are enough vagaries in the calculation that you’re unlikely to get identical options.

The pseudorandom generator that decides these things is also used to decide certain events during the game, so as the game plays out slightly differently on each device due to differences in line construction, etc., it will also impact exactly how the assets are generated.


Thanks for the answer, but hmm. User A and User B in a daily challenge leaderboard (or outside of the top ten of the leaderboard) have not played an identical game.

While I find this variance somehow acceptable for Daily Challenges in standard mode, I find this very unfair for Daily Challenges in Extreme. Imagine carriages in Cairo, tunnels in Stockholm and Berlin… The assets do determine your chances significantly.

Nobody else feeling the same?
Loved the game a bit more until this popped up. :thinking: