Display Bugs on Samsung Galaxy


I use Samsung Galaxy S10e.

But your game does NOT support Galaxy S10 Series Display.

According to my screenshot, game display is cut.

I love this game, but I cannot play it. Because of display.

PLEASE Update as speed as possible.


Ack, that’s no good. We haven’t seen that before. I’ve had a look at the S10e online and it doesn’t look like it has any peculiar features that would cause the game to do this. It doesn’t look like the S10e has a notch or cutout, is that right?

Is the image above a screenshot taken straight from the device? Does the game otherwise function normally, just pushed a little to the right?


Hi, I have a same problem. My phone is Galaxy S10+ and there is a black strip on the side, where camera hole is. Some other games don’t have this problem and they are full screen.

Could you please look at it?