Display train count in line disk


I’d like to see how many trains are operating on a line by looking at the colored circles at right. A full circle would mean one train; a circle split into halves vertically, two trains; into thirds= three trains…


Wouldn’t that be a tiny bit confusing if the players aren’t aware of what the symbols mean?


Right now, the disk changes size once the line is built, and I didn’t find that confusing. A hollow circle could indicate a line without trains.


This is something that we’d love to add, especially in a way that doesn’t cause new players any more anxiety. I like the idea about packing a bit more information into the discs, but we’d need to make sure it didn’t confuse people too much before they figured it out.


I think a simple number would be best. Great when you need to shift locomotives but they are in stations, so you can’t tell where to source them from