Do endless upgrades ever stop?


I’ve noticed that I stop getting upgrades in Endless when my score reaches 100. Is this a bug, or is it intentional?output_log.txt (38.8 KB)


Congratulations! You have hit the end of the game (ie It’s intentional). We haven’t heard of many people getting that far, so we admire your dedication!


Ah, is that it, I get above 100 a lot and wondered the same.


I easily reach 100 (or even more such as 120, 130…) but there’s no more interest when you are above the last efficiency level…


We had no idea people would reach that last level so easily. I’ll work some more levels in to the next update.


Yup, I get to 120 no problem. I’d probably get higher if I had more upgrades too.

I think it would be fun to have a “maxed resource” mode, that is a lot like endless mode (scored based on efficiency), but you aren’t resource constrained on trains/tunnels at any point, and you have the max number of lines available.

Anyway, I love the game! I do find that the replayability goes down because of the upgrade cap in endless mode.


Nthing the desire for a higher cap. It’s not easy to reach per se, but certainly a worthy goal.

Also, maybe I’m missing something here, but it seems it’s counting the number of people being carried at any given time, not the number of people successfully reaching their destination in a given period of time. That would seem to incentivize carrying people without necessarily delivering them…?


The score is a rolling average of the number of passengers delivered per day. It’s a weighted average of all deliveries over the last seven days. So if you just carry people around in a loop your score will drop to zero over the course of a week. :slight_smile:

We hope to get an update out this week which will (as well as fixing all the known endless bugs) add a few more milestones on at the end.


Cool. I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere before, but that makes a lot of sense =)


160 passengers weighted average print-screen.


Lol, the city was still growing, I did not know, 170 :wink:


Upped the record to 185 already.



Yep, I’m with Jasper, regularly hit 200 now… Would love more carriages as rewards above 150 milestones… maybe a new carriage every 10 would be good… 4 locos per line, need more carriages!!

Great job Peter and team. It’s addictive.


> my new record is 312 at this moment :wink: