Do the shapes mean anything?


I know that naming the shapes has no meaning to the game, but I’m just wondering if the developers privately think of each shape as having meaning. For example, I think of the circles as being in residential areas, squares as being in downtown business districts (where all the skyscrapers and office buildings are), triangles as being the industrial areas. But what about the “one of” shapes? Well, I assume the plus is the hospital, the diamond is the shopping mall, the pizza slice is the ball park, the pentagon is maybe a military base, the star is the capitol, and the sideways square is the airport. Developers: what do you say?


You’re pretty close! We originally pegged circles as residential (hence why there are so many of them), triangles and commercial/shopping, and squares as offices/industrial. The other shapes did have correlating real-world building types but we’ve since removed them and just refer to them by their shape. From memory we had city hall, bank, hospital (the plus, as you said), airport, stadium, and one other one I can’t remember.


In the aplha build you had a txt file that explained them I think searches backup drive

found the alpha build, but not the txt file < one was called “work” at least :wink: < 2 others, HOME and SHOP < same log that also contained;

  • DOCK
  • PARK
  • BANK

The airport and stadium have been added in later versions I think.

Tried 13b again… you could still upgrade hubs twice! want that back.