Economical Mode?


Let’s put new mode containing economical materials like earning money from the passengers (ticket) and can be used to buy new line, train etc. Delete weekend prize (every Sunday between Monday) so economy can be melted into the game.


Personally, I feel that would make the game more complicated than it seems. But I don’t know too much about the prizes. Perhaps a developer can come in and answer this.


We did toy with an economy mode but wanted to keep the game discrete and as simple as possible. There are other public transport games that place a much heavier emphasis on this sort of thing, like the Cities in Motion series, so we wanted to keep Mini Metro in its own space design-wise.


This would it make much more strategic, then I can buy tunnels when I need tunnels and a hub when I need it, not when the game “spits” it out. I would like the economic mode to keep the “weeks” rotation, just make the investment free choice on all items in game. Don’t force a lock and a twin choice.