Elaborate Dance challenge


I’ve hit 75 days a couple of times but haven’t received credit for the Elaborate Dance challenge.


Hmm, that’s not good. What platform are you playing the game on?


Chrome OS Version 67.0.3396.99


Still not getting credit.


Are you playing on a Chomebook? If so, are you using the Humble APK or the one from Google Play? The game’s not marked as Chromebook-compatible yet (we have a few input issues yet to resolve).

If you’ve got the newest build (1.37.1) we’ve added the challenge mode. If you go to Mumbai and click the achievement icon, it’ll report which Mumbai achievements you’ve unlocked (ones you’ve earned have a little green arrow next to them). Could you check if it’s recorded as earned in the game, even if it’s not awarded on Google Play?


Yes, I’m on a chromebook. Everything seems to be working now and I’ve gotten credit for all my achievements.


Sweet, love it when bugs fix themselves! Well, until they mysteriously reappear.

How well do you find the game runs on your Chromebook? Does it work ok with touch and mouse / trackpad input? We’ve picked one up so we can get it fully-compatible but haven’t gotten around to the work yet.


I don’t use the touchpad. Prefer my trackball mouse instead.

Everything works great as far as that goes.