Eliminating the need for “ghost lines” in ‘normal’ mode


So I’ve just learnt from the Reddit community that so called “ghost lines” are considered a normal and reasonable solution to solve overcrowding in stations. Someone explained this saying that:

“Mini Metro’s “main” game is honestly far more equivalent to a bus network.”

I think this is strange that the problem of overcrowding in the game is solved by something that isn’t talked about or told to players in the tutorial. The “ghost line” concept shuts out the base game’s playability (e.g. of the city challenges) and its reasonable solvability (i.e. given the tools available and the promoted way of playing) unless players treat the game… not as a metro but as a bus network?

I think this strengthens my earlier request about a complete label change within the game for its modes. Or at least tell players that this is a standard and expected way of playing during the tutorial.


As someone who is playing for a very long time.

I can tell you that “ghost lines” are overestimated a lot.

If you cannot service your level, with high interval / high volume transport, it will dead-end.

Ghost lines will not solve that issue; better networks do.


Okay sure. That’s your experience and point of view, but the majority of the Reddit community would disagree (based on conversations I’ve had).

The point of my post is that ghost lines shouldn’t have to be a thing if the game were better designed. The fact that they are points to a flaw.


If this “flaw” is so bothersome, feel free to design your own game.


Lol… so in the words of Spock, judging by your emotional response, the logic of my argument has touched a nerve.

Evidently, there must be some truth to what I’m saying. Thanks for an insightful contribution.