Endless achievements?


I’m a longtime Mini Metro player but only have come lately to Endless mode. Would you ever add any Endless mode achievements to the Achievements board?

(By the way, I love the vintage maps of London, Paris and New York and would love to see more. Maybe a good excuse to imagine vintage maps for systems that are relatively new, like Washington, or imaginary, like Auckland.)


Thank you for the lovely complement! I’ll pass them onto Tom who built them.

We haven’t made achievements for Endless at this point because (almost) all of our achievements are attached to unlocking new maps. We also wanted to keep it a less stressful version of the games and achievements didn’t really line up with that philosophy. We’re definitely going to have a good think about what we want from achievements in any of our future games, but for now, they will likely stay as they are.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It helps us calibrate the things we put our efforts into.


Future Games? Do tell!


having achievements for getting to a point in an endless game would be a welcome addition and i hope there will be more vintage maps in the future they add some nice variety