Eurogamer editor wants Mini Metro on the Nintendo Switch


This article is from a prominent gaming news site, Eurogamer. The article is discussing about how the Nintendo Switch supports capacitive touch screen, and how there now exists a game that can only be played in Handheld Mode on the Switch (aka, no TV mode).


Of which, the editor wanted to play Mini Metro on the Nintendo Switch. It is as quoted:

I’d love a Switch port of Mini Metro, a tube-building railway simulator I play constantly on iPhone. With a capacitive touchscreen finally in a Nintendo handheld, you’ve got to think mobile giants like King and Supercell might be interested, too.

Can the developers grant Eurogamer’s request?

Mini Metro, coming to Nintendo Switch!

Ha, that’d be pretty neat! We’ll see if we can squeeze a console port between all the other work we have … O_O


Good thing is the Nintendo Switch supports Unreal and Unity, so you don’t need to worry too much about it when you do plan to port it over.


If only it were that easy…
It’s something we’re definitely going to consider, but we need to do some research before we can make any decision.


can you consider a 3DS port mainly for the fact that the switch is very expensive so only available to those who can afford it. I recognise that dual screen would be a new feature/problem but maybe you could add challenges such as managing 2 cities simultaneously and linking them with mainline rail. The one thing I do request is that you give it as many features from PC as possible and that you don’t “half bake” it :smile:


Nintendo Switch port coming to 2018!



Do we have a release date yet?


It’s way too early to tell, it was just announced today.