Facebook-Login not possible any longer


Hi, since a week or so there is an error msg saying “this app is not installed yet or still under development”. I also noticed that before my usualgroup of players I matched with in the daily challenge disappeared, and only 2 or 3 new names appeared. Any ideas? I’m running windows 7 on my desktop computer, and Google Chrome as a browser.


This is the answer I received from their support on February 11th.
“Unfortunately Mini Metro’s Facebook app has been suspended for a supposed usability violation. We’re trying to iron it out with Facebook and get it all back online, but we’ve no idea how long it’ll take to sort out. Their integration is designed to work with mobile apps, not desktop, so we don’t fit into the box they try to squeeze everything into.”
So it looks like there isn’t and quick remedy if any.



My reply to them was . . . .
“Ah, I understand. Good Luck fighting a faceless, nameless, algorithm!”