Full screen misalignement


An awesome game, but has a new bug:

Now game starts full-screen by default, but in my case it wrongly scaled as it extends out of screen. Also the mouse hovering animation in menu items does not correspond to the actual position of the mouse. I was able to quit and did not try to play.

Version beta12
OS Ubuntu 12
Dual screen with different resolutions!

Previous version I had was beta7, which ran fine.

Log in pastebin.


Were you able to change the resolution in the settings?



I’ve the same Problem. The scree is half to see. I’ve put an image in the end of the post. The mouse ist not working at all.

Version: I Thinks it’s Beta 11. I installed it today, but it’s not possible to navigate with the mouse at all. So it’s not possible to change the options. An navigation via keyboard was not succsessfull.

To stop the programm I have to kill it via terminal

I’m using multiple screens, maybe the fullscreen is crashing somewhere there.



I don’t see the in game option for resolution with the misaligned screen.

Beta13 still has the same problem.



Did you change your DPI settings? You may have a high resolution screen (any resolutions above 1920x1080).


It might be a while to answer that, because I’m not at home.



I had a fresh install.


I’m sorry, but I didn’t get your post.

After you had your fresh installation, is it your operating system or Mini Metro? DPI settings is set to 100%? Or lower?


Fresh install of the game with no changes to ingame settings. The log is in the first post. I do not understand, which DPI settings are you talking about. Probably it is 100%.

I have Full HD screen + laptop (1366x768), so in total it is over Full HD. Laptop is the main screen. The game opens on it but is misaligned related to mouse and extends out of main screen. None goes to secondary screen. Looks like the screenshot by poebelkinder.


If you’re playing in dual monitor setups, then I really don’t know. I never use any dual monitor setups, especially with a laptop, so I have no clue as to what’s causing the problem. Maybe it’s related to how the game maximizes the estate depending on your total resolution estate (Monitor 1 scaled + Monitor 2 scaled screen estate)?

DPI Setting is this shown below. Another term for this is Text Scaling Settings.



I switched the screens and it was possible for me to play it on the first of the two extra-screens. Its an VGA. The game has no problems to adjust to the rotated outlay of the screen.
I still have the problem on the other screen. The mouse is not working and it is missaligned.

Since it is working for one screen and i have two identical ones, it can’t be the scaling.

My System: Debian, XFCE with AWESOME Windowmanager. I manage my screens with xrandr in the terminal.



That would be a bug for Unity programs. You may have to file a bug over there at the Unity community.


AWESOME Windowmanager Max is using has nothing to do with unity as far as I understand.

Just for information: I also reproduced the error on Ubuntu 14. And I can play on either screens, if I switch off the dual monitor.


So, Unity can run games for dual monitors? Or it’s only isolated to this game?


This is the first full screen application I have had a problem with. Sometimes flash things like Youtube fullscreen on a wrong screen but I guess it has nothing to do with that.


I had problems in the past on the lab computers for Unity before, so I thought it was Unity’s fault.



I can also use other games in fullscreenmode on my computer with the two screens.

Maybe its working for me in one screen, since i set up the launch option in steam: “-screen-fullscreen 0”

@Johu_Vapohu: can you give it a try?



I tried the option on commandline. Did not change a thing. I did not run it through steam though. I don’t have steam. Bought it from Humble Bundle.


If you bought it from Humble Bundle, maybe you can try registering the game into your Steam account, and then try the shortcut?


I bought it via Humble Bundle too, but I installed Steam after it crashed via terminal.
I think, the option might only work in steam. But I’m not sure.

After I’ve set up the launch options, it’s working for me.

So I have no further clue.