Full screen misalignement


I am also having problems playing this game fullscreen on linux with multiple monitors. Arch Linux with Gnome 3 desktop and 3 monitors.

The game starts on the correct screen at the correct resolution but the mouse is offset.


Ack, that’s no good. Unity’s a pain with dual monitors—with the launcher you can select which monitor to use, but we hoped to do away with it to streamline the startup. Unity does have a command line parameter ‘-adapter N’, but that’s only useable on Windows for some reason. I’ll see what we can do for better monitor support.


What platforms are people have difficulty with? I know Linux is problematic—are Windows and OS X also causing issues? We could ship just the Linux executable with the launcher, not ideal but at least it would fix the problem. :expressionless:


This confirms my reasoning that it’s Unity’s problem in the first place, and not the developers.

Have you tried filing a report to Unity about dual monitors? They should have a whole bunch of discussions about this issue.


The problem with sending a report to Unity is that it might get fixed, someday, but probably not in time for Mini Metro’s release.


Yep, Unity’s fairly tardy with fixing non-critical issues. It drives me nuts that it’s the simple windowing stuff like this that they still have fairly immature support for. Fullscreen on OS X isn’t supported that well either, especially Retina resolutions.


Sorry for the thread necro, but I just bought the game, tried running on Linux, wondered why the game was “unresponsive”, then pressed escape and noticed the offset… So this is still an ongoing problem.

Any command line arguments I could set in Steam so it runs within one specific screen? Or is the work around to disconnect that second display / run it in Windows ?


Well, as you know, Unity’s Linux support is really absymal sometimes. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that. Unless, things have changed…

If you’re still having an ongoing problem on Linux platforms, it’s very likely it’s Unity’s fault for not fixing them in a timely matter.

If you have screenshots, GIFs (via Gifcam), or something that we can see it happening in real-time, we can then deem what is wrong very quickly.