Game Crashing Bug - Switch Version


I hope you guys can assist here, because Radial Games doesn’t seem to have any place to report bugs-

When playing on the Nintendo Switch version of Mini Metro, I’ve been encountering a game-breaking bug; I’ll begin with the straight facts and finish with things I haven’t been able to confirm yet.


1.) Sometimes when playing, both in handheld mode and with joycons separately, the cursor will suddenly vanish, and I will be unable to make selections or click and drag anything using the control sticks. Touch controls and gesture controls seem to function normally. Gesture controls will make the cursor reappear while you are moving the joycon, but will disappear again after.

2.) While the cursor has vanished, using the A button to (which would normally select things) has… weird results. The last station you had the cursor on will briefly be highlighted in the color of your currently selected line and a tone will play as if you had selected the station and immediately deselected or something. Sometimes, but not always, the following additional strange effects occur (not necessarily in the same instance):

2a.) Holding down the A button will cause the visuals in the game to freeze. I have video of this, basically it looks like you’ve paused, but audio still plays in the background and when you release the A button, the visuals skip forward, indicating that time was passing in game but the screen froze for some reason.

2b.) Mashing buttons while the cursor has vanished (in an attempt to get something to work) will cause the game to lock up, freezing completely and putting the current audio output in an infinite reverberation/loop. No inputs effect the game in this state, and when I attempted to close the game from the home screen, that also stalled out, and eventually I got an error message saying that the program had to be shut down because of an unidentified error.

3.) Exiting the play mode, then selecting Resume from the in-game menu (not the Switch home page) works normally to return you to the exact moment you left, except your cursor will be normal again and everything works properly… until the bug manifests again.

4.) This bug is EXTREMELY common for me, sometimes manifesting upwards of 6 times in a single game.


1.) This bug seems to manifest when adding then removing a station from a line in rapid succession. It happens extremely often in some games, including in the first 5 minutes, but was somewhat difficult to intentionally recreate: I basically spent 2 minutes frantically hopping lines on and off stations, adding new lines, removing lines, looping and unlooping, even mashing other buttons and clicking down on the sticks (which in tv mode triggers gesture/motion controls).

2.) The vanished cursor seems to be locked to a single station, but admittedly I’ve only put rigorous testing into the last accidental occurance and the one intentionally recreated one. The other times it’s happened I just quit and resumed as fast as possible because I was so absorbed in my metro.

I hope y’all can give me a hand, and if not maybe forward this to someone at Radial if they’re in charge of the QA for the Switch edition. Really, really love the game outside of this bug!