Game failed condition, wasn't me, sir!


The New York extreme condition is having no more than two lines connected to square stations. When a new square station is spawned on an existing line, the game does not check if this will be the third one connected, thus failing the condition on its own.

Version is gamma 6 on Linux. Couldn’t find a record file. Have Player.log, but that apparently only shows the failing condition, not the square station spawning.


Sounds like something @peter will be able to figure out. Please wait for his response.

In the meantime, keep looking for the record log file. Once you have it, the developers will be able to pinpoint how it occurs and a fix will be quicker.


That auto-connect logic is a bit annoying for the achievement conditions. :expressionless: We’d originally planned the condition to be ‘only one line connected to square stations’, but had to make it two so a station spawning in the wrong place wouldn’t fail you. So use just one, and quickly disconnect new square stations from other lines, or use two and chance it. :slot_machine:

We couldn’t come up with an elegant way to get around that unfortunately, without having some clunky “I’m going for the achievement” toggle. Sorry about the hassle!


Just noticed that Hong Kong has the same problem (no more than eight stations per line), and it’s slightly worse, since not only square ones but any station can make you fail.

Of course I don’t know about the inner workings but simply not spawning any station on a line as a second, internal flag to the achievement doesn’t seem too clunky to me – at least no more clunky than actually allowing one more station than the description says.
After all, the do-i-sit-on-a-line logic (read: the auto-connect logic) is already there, it just needs to check before spawning a station, not after.


The Hong Kong achievement was originally going to be “Hong Kong Sevens” (it’s funny if you live in a rugby-aware country…) and you’d only be allowed to have seven stations on a line, but for the same reason as the New York achievement we extended it by one station.