Game won't start


I’ve reinstalled the game and updated my video drivers. I still get this error

output_log.txt (38.2 KB)


this has something to do with my dual monitor setup… i set the windows display properties to a single monitor and the game starts


Okay, that’s interesting to know. Thanks for digging a bit more! I’ve looked up the error from the log and it looks like Unity can’t find either of your monitors. After you’ve started it up once in single monitor mode, can you switch the mode back and start it up successfully afterwards?


To let you know, my game only starts at my primery output, I cannot move minimetro to any other of my 3 monitors.


Hi jasperwillem, which OS are you running? And just to clarify, the “display” option in the settings has no effect?


Yes, the option does nothing. Will make a movie short when home. Now at work, 6hrs to go.

#7 < there we go.