German Translation of New York Challenge #3


The description of New York Challenge #3 could be missunderstood in the sense that you can connect square stations with max. two lines, but regardless of color (happened to me :roll_eyes:).
The second restriction (only the same max. two lines for any square station) should be made more clear like e.g.: “Alle quadratischen Stationen dürfen nur von den selben (maximal zwei) Linien bedient werden”

The error message should be changed as well. E.g. “Es bedienen bereits zwei Linien quadratische Stationen”


You are understanding the message wrongly, you are allowed to connect 2 lines to all squares on the map. Not 2 lines per square.


Thanks, I worked that out while playing on. So it’s rather a translation problem than a bug :relaxed:
I changed the category of my thread to “feature request”


Yeah that’s definitely a translation error! We’ve discovered a bunch of translation issues with the achievements that we are in the process of resolving.

The NYC one is particularly troublesome, it was hard enough to get a succinct wording in our native English so I’m not surprised it confused the translators.