German translation


Just a bit of fine tuning:

  • In German, all challenges use descriptions like “Transport 100 passengers to London”. No need to say that a metro doesn’t transport passengers to a city, but within. Accordingly, any description that reads “Transport passengers nach [city]” should be replaced by “Transport passengers in [city]”.

  • “Erreiche die 10. Woche in Osaka” should be “Erreiche die zehnte Woche in Osaka”. In German, numbers up to twelve(th) should be written in letters, not as number. The rest of the translation follows that rule.

  • The second Sao Paulo challenge ends in “nur mit Schleifen”. A “Schleife” is a loop at the end of a line (usually used to turn the train around before it travels back to where it came from). By “loop” you obviously mean a circular line. The Sao Paulo text should read “nur mit Kreislinien”. Accordingly, the Shangai challenge “mit nur einer Schleife” should be “mit nur einer Kreislinie”.