Go back to having the clock be a pause button


It was nice being able to just click the clock and have the game pause.

I like playing one handed sometimes, and going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard is hassling, and having to do that extra click to get to the pause button slows you down.

Or have it where if your mouse scrolls over the bottom the menu comes up. (Like when you hide the task bar in windows)

Pause should be activated by clicking the clock
Pause on the main screen

Pressing space also pauses the game.


YES!!! put it back to how it was!! but also have the new way and i also agree to:[quote=“Onjit, post:2, topic:681, full:true”]
Pressing space also pauses the game.


I’m glad I’m not the only person who pauses frequently.


These are all minor requests and I second them all. They’d make the game a bit easier to play.


Yes, definitely. The way it is designed now, it takes too long to pause when necessary. I should mention that on a laptop screen, the entire board is not always visible onscreen, that is, it doesn’t scale to the size of the screen. On a laptop it really takes a long time to bring up the pause button.


The new version makes it hard to click pause. You have to open the menu and then click on it… and when you have multiple stations over capacity and need to save precious seconds of passengers building up… having an extra step to find the pause button is a pain. Restore the “click on the clock to pause” feature please!


As noted in the post below you (which is older, because I just merged another topic with this one, so the order of posts is off - sorry), you can also pause by pressing the space bar, which can save a few of those precious seconds.

Edit: fixed the order where needed, which makes the topic readable again and this post pointless.


Hello. I suggest placing “Pause” on to the main game screen as you want to instantly pause the game, and not to do several taps for that. Simply a UX improvement, left for you consideration. It was like that before, when you clicked on the clock, but that wasn’t obvious. But you do can find an elegant solution to this without making the player do more taps for a simple action.


Please press the space bar. :wink:


Sure, but you play the game with mouse. So why would you need to switch to keyboard just to perform one specific action, and then go back to mouse again? It does not make sense from the UX point of view. Thus, I support this idea - however, I think there already is a topic here suggesting the same thing.
EDIT: Yes, there was another topic. Now there are merged here. Good.


This will an even bigger issue with the mobile format, where keyboard controls are unavailable. For a method of one-click-to-pause to be consistent between desktop and mobile clients, having an on-screen pause button in the form of the clock is really a pretty good compromise.

The reason it was removed was that it was found to be unintuitive by users - they didn’t realize that pressing the clock to pause was an option. And I suspect that players may indeed find themselves confused if they see a pause button in the pop-out bar but find their game suddenly paused because of an accidental click on the apparently-unrelated clock.

The solution would need to at least involve changing the appearance of the clock in case of a click, to reflect the paused state, while simultaneously reflecting the change in the actual pop-out pause button. But if a clever designer could come up with a graphic that actually looked good and looked like both a clock AND a pause button… that would go a long way toward settling this issue once and for all.


I HATE HATE HATE that the clock will hide the pause button on iOS. I frequently find myself accidentally tapping that and then it’s two more taps to get everything paused. That’s super frustrating late in the game when you’re trying to deal with overflowing stations. Please just always show the pause and fast forward buttons. Don’t even making hiding it an option.