Graphics quality got worse in beta 6


For some reason the graphics quality got worse from beta 5 to beta 6 (resolution setting matches monitor, quality setting is “Fantastic”, playing on Linux).

Previously everything was sharp and clear, now things are visibly blurry. On closeup, the squares show a strange gray border like anti-aliasing has gone wrong. Furthermore, the + passengers looks clumsy (possibly for the same reason) and the pie-shaped station seems to be distorted (while the circles are perfect circular).

(Unfortunatly I already dumped the beta 5 binary and cannot provide a screenshot for comparison.)


We changed most of the station and passenger icons in beta6, including stretching out the wedge to have it sit more naturally with the other shapes. The edges shouldn’t be any different though, hmm … I’ll break out an earlier build and compare. By clumsy, do you mean they’re fatter than the cross station?


I feel that stations on the London map for example are fatter than the stations on the later maps, such as St. Petersburg (the outlines ‘feel’ thicker). Is that just imagination, or am I correct?


Stations are all the same size (or at least they should be), but the outlines do vary. NYC’s are very thin. I think Saint Petersburg has thinner borders than London.


Surely a matter of taste, but IMHO this stretching didn’t improve the symbol.

The tip is possibly to far from the center of the circle the curve at the symbol’s bottom would form. Maybe just a little less vertical stretching?

Well, I got that sort of “fixed” by selecting poorest (aka fastest) quality :>

Guess so. I’d put it this way: The cross passenger symbol is not a cross but a square with its corners chipped off.
But the grey border caused by the anti-aliasing of straight lines surely is part of the problem.

For what reason is that?


Did selecting a different quality actually result in a different image? As far as I know that shouldn’t make any difference! :smile:

We vary the station outline widths to better match that city’s metro map. The NYC MTA map has white circles with a very thin black outline compared to other maps. It’s a tradeoff between matching the city’s style, which will hopefully make the map resonate more with locals, and keeping a unified look throughout the game.

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