Grey line is hard to tell whether I "have" it


Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of London 1960 in Night Mode. The 6th line is grey and indistinguishable from the “don’t have it” dot color, making it difficult to tell whether I have “gotten” it; several times I’ve chosen to take an additional Line for my next week only to find I already had a line available. Of course I could get better at remembering what lines I’ve unlocked, but that’s hard :slight_smile:

For reference, this post from 2014 includes a screenshot illustrating the problem beautifully, just on a different map: Grey as line marker not a good choice


Have you tried night mode combined with color blind mode… that works for me.


yeah i keep missing these a lot, it’s not a big issue but changing the color will make the gameplay much better


Trying to balance between authenticity (ie picking the exact colours that the original maps that we’re basing our colours on) is so tricky. We’ve often fudged the greys a little bit anyway just to give some semblance of contrast, but it doesn’t always work. I’ll log a ticket for the team to have another look at it.


Maybe a simple border when it’s unlocked? Just to provide contrast without losing the authenticity.