Help: Trains sent to a full station leave empty


Does this happen to anyone else?

On normal mode you get the chance to send trains to stations that are about to overcrowd. Great. However, often the game ends for me when I send a train to an overfull station and it leaves empty.

The game ends seconds later of course and it is very frustrating to say the least!

Does this happen to anyone else?

Is there an inbuilt rule that causes this to happen? If so - how do I avoid it?

Or is it a bug?

I’m on windows 10

Unfortunately I didn’t save anything when it happened on today’s daily challenge so I don’t have a screenshot or log to hand.


This thread contains a detailed explanation of the train boarding algorithm

I found that I was able to change my play strategy so that I hardly ever see this problem anymore.


Thanks for that thread - very useful.

I hadn’t found that one on my little search.

This issue often happens to me on stations with only one line.

Could it be that occurring where a train arrives in that 0.83 second gap before the commuters reconsider which train to take? So I need to send the train a bit less directly to the station to give them time to consider the new option. I’ll have a play around with that.

A further thought arises - does this mean the commuters don’t consider taking a train when it is ‘greyed out’ and about to be sent to the station in question? I.e. they only consider it once it gets onto the track. That might explain it.


I’m just guessing… but from that description of the algorithm, it doesn’t sound like the count down timer is a consideration of the boarding algorithm. The “whack-a-mole” analogy for the algorithm tells me: best to play it safe, clear those count down timers ASAP … before you get whacked by leaving it to the final moments.