Hockey-stick special station for Montreal


I love the Football icon when playing New York. This request is a very small one, but would add some great flavor for Montreal. :smile:


But the shape needs to be a convex, symmetrical polygon. So far, all of the shapes in the game are like that. A hockey stick shape will ruin that aesthetic look.

If possible, maybe you could come up with a symmetrical shape that also adds flavor to hockey? I am not familiar with hockey, other than the sticks and the puck, how the rules are played, and fights/brawls.


The only symmetrical symbol of hockey would be… two crossed hockey sticks. Puck in between is optional.


Maybe the football could be generally replaced with a pill shape (like [this](

)) that could be interpreted as a stadium or rink?


@Matthias_Wlkp That is a complicated symbol, to be frank. :sweat:

I do prefer the pill shape that @stuartpb suggested. It’s simpler.


Yeah that would be neat! Unfortunately the shapes do have to fit fairly rigid parameters as they have to hide the connections behind them, but it would be fun to go back and add more city-themed shapes.

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