Hong Kong too hard?


I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but Hong Kong is impossibly hard at around 700-1000 on mobile. It seems like everyone in Hong Kong just decided to go for a ride at the same time :confused:

In the meantime, here’s a link to an example of what happens in Hong Kong at about 700-1000.
The picture doesn’t want to load :frowning:


Hong Kong above a 1000 is horrible indeed.


Hong Kong demands loops and bus lines. My highscore is 1821 but I’ve got no idea how anyone gets about 2000 on it.


Got it up to 1400, but 1800 or 2000 seems miles away :wink:


Hong Kong is just insanely hard, never mind getting the acheivment


Here’s a strategy (in the latest version much easier than before) for reference: Add as many carriages as possible.(It also works in New York, Berlin, Istanbul and Auckland). When you’re facing a choice between a new line and a carriage, choose the carriage unless you’re in urgent need of a new line. Usually 5 lines are enough. You might not even need more tunnels, as 5 tunnels are enough to connect the islands. I got my personal best 1684 and usually 1000 to 1300 using this strategy. Good luck for you!


My high score is only425