How about a Vs Mode


How about are Vs mode where you have 2 people on the same map
one person has 3 colours and another has 3 colours no one can use
each others station first person to have a over crowded station loses

or you could play over a 10 weeks to get the highest number of passengers


This would be cool, I would adapt it differently

  1. have 2 maps that are equal
  2. have each player play on his / her own map, but show them both to both players.
  3. make targets in the level
  4. have a the player that reaches the target first have a small benefit in his map (or disadvantage in the other players map, maybe an upgrade delay of X time?)
  5. over time the player who reaches most targets first has the biggest chance to win


Or as an alternative keep the first setup (which in my opinion is the better but let the devs decide) with 2 people and 3 lines each, at the end of each week players get the standard 1 loco and then a choice of getting 2 upgrades for their own lines OR getting 1 upgrade and raising the number of passengers on BOTH lines by say 10% to try and knock out the other person. This means that the games will be longer as players will only raise ridership when they think they can cope with it. If both players choose the passenger hike then they both get 1 upgrade but the ridership only goes up 10%


These both sound like they would be interesting methods of setting up a multiplayer game. The first one sounds a bit more turn based and is almost a slow race to the finish-line. The second could could almost have saved games that would have an overlay so you didn’t have to play right at the same time.

But to be clear, multiplayer isn’t something we’d be able to build into Mini Metro. Multiplayer a really complex feature requires a bunch of planning to build it into the core of the game, so we’re just not set up to support multiplayer at all. It’s neat to think about what a new/different version of the game could have looked like though!