How to support a feature request?


I was just wondering how do you support a request here? Since I am on another discourse forum, if you want it, you like the original post. I’m just curious because I see many feature requests with little or no likes. Thanks in advance! :relaxed:


On this forum, there’s no obvious ways to support a feature request and give it more chances the developers will notice it.

However, like Discourse, you are able to “like” the feature request. It’s just that you wouldn’t be able to see the score until you click into the thread and view it. Compounded with the lack of a feature, which brings awareness to the feature request, is what makes it hard for users to support feature requests, even after liking them.

And no, I cannot contribute to bringing awareness of feature requests to developers, because I’m just a volunteer.

Unless you actually reply to each of the threads, and then bump them so it goes back to the top, and got lucky that a developer sees the threads, and responds to each of those feature requests (that’s a total of 3 coincidences in order for a feature request to actually be received by the developers), then it may be likely for the feature requests to be considered. No guarantees that it will be implemented, as it could most likely be dead on arrival.

That’s the nature of this forum, in my honest opinion. And I assure you, if you bump a lot of necro-threads (i.e., X number of threads that are over 30 days old within a span of 5 minutes), I will send a kind warning for first offense, temp-ban (if possible…) for second and third, and perm-ban for the fourth, because that is not tolerable. The only exemption is when you bump each necro-thread with a very big post, such as a thoughtful reply explaining how or why it should/shouldn’t be in the game, including research and other opinions that supports the discussion of the thread topic/subject, I’ll allow it, unless I was instructed not to allow it.

I hoped this answers your question thoroughly.