International subway challenge?


Quote by zapprr:

So I just saw an image showing the world as a subway system. And I thought “That would be amazing for a MiniMetro map” I was thinking that the devs should add an international mode where the map is bigger, the stations are plentiful and everything is harder. It would create an extra challenge. And as a reward for finishing all the maps, you can unlock The World as a map. This would be a nice addition because it would make those who don’t live in cities able to relate to the map they’re playing on. Of course this is a suggestion, but say what you think. Would this be good or not?



That’s a really nice map! It has some flaws, though - the west of mainland Europe geographically doesn’t make any sense (Lille is to the east of Paris, while in reality it is north of Paris, and The Hague is to the east of Rotterdam, while in reality it is west of Rotterdam, just to name two examples). I’m not saying it should be perfect, but most subway maps are geographically more correct.


Game needs to be optimized before larger maps are possible. It’s already pretty CPU-intensive, and as far as I know the developers have plans to port it to mobile devices, which are slower than the average PC.

A “big map” could work as a PC-only map.


Since when did the devs care about geographic accuracy? Aside from the rivers the layout of stations is entirely random.


A big map doesn’t necessarily have to be PC-exclusive. I imagine most modern phones and tablets could easily take the strain. The bigger problem would be managing all the entities on screen such as passengers and trains which my phone sometimes struggles with. (Motorola C)


It could have a warning saying that the map is very CPU-intensive. That way, people with slower devices could be warned.


I think that the devs could change the map before implementing it.