iOS bugs in game bugs in latest version


Hi, I’m currently quite addicted to Mini Metro :rofl: and came across a couple of annoying iOS bugs. I can imagine most of them are already known, but just in case, these are the once I found to be present in the latest iOS version:

in game:

  • carriages greyed out: they’re running on the tracks behind a locomotive and picking up travelers, but they are greyed out.
  • wrong traveler pickup: I’ve seen travellers board trains on a track that does not have their destination. Then they turn around at the end of the line.
  • missing train: I’ve had a game with 4 lines but only 3 trains.
  • the pause/play buttons are greyed out in inconsistent ways.

daily game:

  • incorrectly stating I’ve already played a challenge
  • getting someone else score in the leaderboard
  • being able to complete (not replay!) the same daily challenge over and over (while the timer indicates there’s 1 minute left to play)

nothing too serious, but sometimes a bit annoying…


Erk, I thought we’d fixed all of the issues with ghost scores on the daily challenge! Can you please double-check you’re running the latest version (release-37a)? You can get the version code at the bottom of the credits page.

The one-minute-left-to-play thing pops up when your device’s clock is set to the wrong time. Could you please check it’s accurate? If so, does that happen every daily challenge?