IOS Christmas sale


I think you guys forget to change the price other than US Appstore, I am a Hongkong user, which i found the hong kong appstore and japan appstore price is still $4.99 (38hkd and 600jpy) , but US has changed to 0.99 (know it by appshopper notice)

Can you please fix it so i can make my purchase?

Thanks you and happy new year
Sorry for my english


I don’t think the app store works like that. It’s mostly region-based. If not, please wait for a developer to come and answer this.


Hmm, not sure what happened—the discount was a global change to Tier 1 pricing. Just checked on iTunes Connect and it’s back up to Tier 5 now, so you probably just caught the end of the sale as the prices were resetting globally. Sorry you missed it!