iOS Endless Mode


Thanks for the update!

Just a quick question… I got to 90 and then stopped being offered carriages, interchanges etc. Eventually, leaving the game running, it gets to about 130 max, but no additions are forthcoming.

Is that the plan?

I ended up with 20 locomotives on 8 lines, max 4 per line. 9 additional carriages, and only two interchanges.



Nice! Yes, there is a natural cap to the upgrades, you stop earning once you hit 90.


I’ve just discovered the endless mode on iOS.
I don’t understand the rules that lead the game in this mode.
What is the efficiency count on the upper right corner. What does it represent ?
When does it grow up? What make it decrease?
(As we have to reach efficiency levels, it would help me to understand what this number represent to be able to improve it)

I’ve seen that people leave the stations after a while. Is it done at random? Or is there a rule behind this? Does it influence the efficiency score?
And when the top efficiency score is reached (above 90), is there a goal to achieve or you just have to look at your metro grid as you can’t improve it anymore (no more trains nor carriages nor new lines…)?

Thanks in advance fo any clue o this endless mode


in endless mode removing train lanes and completly redoing them sometimes causes carriages to get stuck and never move. really frustrating moments.


Hey, that was an ooooold bug that we thought we’ve since fixed. Are you running the most current version (you can your version number at the bottom of the credits - pressing the left arrow in the starting menu)?