Is manually spliting tunnel part of the game?


there is just no possible way to connect all the island with the 5 tunnel, and the game have still not offered me tunnel 3 weeks into the game. Is manually switching tunnel connection meant to be like a challange? what if this was extreme mode?


week 4, still no extra tunnel


i tihnk the game thought the whole north shore is one whole piece and doesn’t need more tunnel.


week 5 still no tunnel.Screenshot_20180819-182352|690x388


Use a relief line to overcome the time until you get a tunnel extra.

If you connect the right Triangle and Circle station, you just have to vent Blocks and specials out now and then.

The other temp line could be the Circle on the left, into the cross @ the triangle, since from there 2 lines go into Blocks and the special can be reached on the green line.


The way the maps are (mostly) built is that you start with one crossing per each river / waterway that you will need to cross. That way choosing extra tunnels is a choice rather than a necessity.

However as you’ve seen, that’s not always the case! Depending on the order in which the stations appear on the map you’ll need additional tunnels to connect stations on the same side of a river. As @jasperwillem said you can use temporary lines to swap between them until a station appears that allows you to connect them without using a tunnel. It’s just how the cookie crumbles. We could prevent stations from spawning in this position, but that will rule out a lot of potential city configurations; the city generates all positions before the game begins so it has to assume the player has no extra tunnels, and we don’t want to alter the city generation in response to asset choices anyway (especially for the daily challenge).

The exacerbating factor is the asset choices you’re presented with are random as well. If you’re completely out of tunnels it does increase the odds tunnels are present to 90%, but nothing’s ever guaranteed. Perhaps we should guarantee a tunnel choice after two consecutive weeks of zero available tunnels?

The game sticks to the ‘you’ve gotta have stuff that sucks to have stuff that’s cool’ approach. If you have an “unfair” map like this one, then it makes you treasure those games when you get a square station on both sides of the river all the more.


Sorry for the really really late response, but yeah having a guaranteed tunnel in the first few weeks would definitely be great, I think this level needs to have a similar approach as to Hong Kong, which also sees a lot of isolated islands, and it can get a little out of hand if the game decides to spawn a couple stations in the island region on the left. Cuz from what I can tell, especially in the mid game, the game choose a small specific region and rapidly spawn a few station right in the beginning of the week, but hong Kong always have a set of tunnel for in the first five six weeks, would be great if this is the same for Stockholm. As far as things go now, my Strat for Stockholm is basically restart if no tunnel before week five. ¯_(ツ)_/¯