Is The Daily Challenge City Layout The Same For Every Player?


I’m curious playing the Daily Challenge, whether everyone gets the same layout of cities or the cities are randomly placed for each player? Also does everyone get the same choices of equipment or tunnels at the start of each week?
Just wonder if everyone has the exact same challenge or one’s accomplishment is partially based on the “luck of the draw”?


Everyone should get the same Daily Challenge map and type of game (normal/extreme…) on all platforms. You might start in a slightly different spot on the map as that part is random.

The original set of upgrades (tunnels, lines, etc) is the same for everyone, but the upgrades are slightly weighted depending on if you’ve run out one kind of upgrade. For example, if you run out of lines, you’ll have a higher chance to get another line. Run out of tunnels? same deal. So, it is a bit weighted to help support individual play styles, but players have the ability to have exactly the same upgrades.