Is there a deliberate "Kill" station?


I just finished the Daily Challenge (Seoul) and ran into a unique station. I’ve never ran into this before. It had mainly triangles and some other stuff. I built a line to a triangle station but the train picked up only the 2 non-triangle “passengers”. I put another train on that station and it left with nothing. I tried this two more times with no results, the triangles refused to be picked up, no matter what a did, the timer ran out and the game finished. Are there deliberate stations being placed to finish a game after a certain point threshold is reached or for any other reason? I am the current leader (Daniel R Lenz). Was that a trigger?



Did you have a train on the same going in the opposite direction?


No. It was a station not connected to any line. I drew a new line from that station to a triangle station on my main line. The train left that station with two non-triangles and no triangles. I put a new train at that station and it left empty. I removed that line and attached the station as the last station on my main line (which had a triangle station on it 2 stations away) and put a new train in the station. It also left empty as time ran out.
From your response sounds like it was just a one time glitch, as I’ve played the Daily Challenge every day for over 6 months, (yes I’m addicted) and never have run into that before.


That’s definitely a bug. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been going over the passenger AI and found a number of little issues that could cause very odd behaviour in certain circumstances. While I can’t say for sure that I’ve fixed this specific bug, hopefully I have. :slight_smile: The new build has been up on the Steam test branch over the weekend. I’ll be pushing it live to all storefronts today, and will be working on a mobile update very soon.