Leaderboards on Mondays


Why are all Daily Challenge leaderboards erased on monday? I wanted to check the position of my challenge of yesterday, Sunday, but I couldn’t.

My suggestion: erase everyday the leaderboard coincident with the day of the week.


Hmm—it’s definitely something we could add, as the leaderboards are still all there. We deliberately designed the screen to focus on the current week, but it does mean there’s a big Sunday / Monday transition. I’ll add it to the Trello wishlist!


Why not make the list of days a rolling list of days, that way it is easy to see on Monday that the other days are from the previous day.

Instead of only showing the 7 days starting on Monday, the list can be for the last 7 days, always making the 7. button on the right being current day?


I would like to add my support to the idea of being able to see my final Sunday rank on Monday. I like Gakk’s idea of a rolling 7 days. Another option would be to post 8 days: last week Sunday and this week Monday through Sunday.