Line station counts


Show the number of stations on a line as a superscript on the circle of the line colour. The superscripts on the tunnel and train etc. icons mean something a little different I suppose, so maybe as a subscript then.

Using the above map as an example, the red line has 13 stations and the pink line has 10 (to state the obvious I know, sorry).

Show number of stations per line

We’ve had this requested by a couple of people. It would be some neat info that we’ve thought about a before. The problem is trying to show it elegantly in a way that doesn’t distract too much and still looks good. It would take more work than it first seems (ask any programmer how much fun it is to code UI…) but at the very least, we’ll keep the idea of adding this type of stat in mind for future games.


a non serif-font digit should not distract from the game too much. If the value is ## then auto-reduce the font size to fit into a set circumference? for lighter vs darker colors perhaps use a grey or sepia tone that will work for both. Please would you look into implementing this soon, because its hard to count the cities on a line quickly. thanks