Localisation using Transifex


(continued, as it is limited to two links per post)

And I guess the list of Wikipedias would be a good reference for other languages, too?


@shiprib Why is there “Czech” and also “Czech (Czech Republic)”? There is just one Czech language :slight_smile:


It was a requested language, I was a bit skeptical so had a look on Wikipedia and saw that there were a few differences between some Czech variants.

I’ve removed it for now, does anyone have any arguments to the contrary?


There are several dialects, but which language doesn’t have them?


I’ve changed Chinese (Mandarin) to Chinese (China), added in the local name for the language, and removed the “Mini Metro” label - that’s a very special case and really shouldn’t have been in there in the first place.


Oops! I also just noticed that I’d used the name “New York”, not “New York City”. I’ve changed it and moved the previous translations across. I assume it will affect a few of the translations, or so Google Translate tells me. :blush:


「香港繁體」 is not exactly the Mandarin in HK, it is only the formal written Cantonese in HK, it is just very similar to Mandarin,


@HobbyWhole Yes, you are right. Per the Wikipedia setup, as I mentioned, there are two different “versions” of Wikipedias for users (potentially) from Hong Kong:

  • Cantonese (written in Chinese-based Cantonese characters): 粵語
  • Mandarin used in HK (written in traditional Chinese characters used in HK): 香港繁體

I think the second one refers to the Mandarin that is used in HK, which is indeed different from that used in TW or CN. If the translation as discussed here is going to be in Cantonese, using “粵語白話字/香港字,” then (following what Wikipedia uses) I think it should be called “粵語” or “香港粵語.”

But I am from Taiwan and with all my respect to my friends from Hong Kong, it should be called whatever people in Hong Kong use to indicate their language, written or spoken.


Rest assure, I am from Hong Kong and I know which kind of writing style suit them best. Raw Cantonese characters are just used in instant messages, which is an informal use; in this translation, we have to apply a formal written Cantonese to the game, yet need to clarify the difference between Simplified, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
(Some Hong Kong translations follows Mainland China word, but using Traditional characters <— that is the dilemma if we don’t have the Hong Kong version, don’t we want to have a local-friendly game?)


Choice - I’ve just approved the request to add Chinese (Hong Kong) to Transifex.


@shiprib I suggest you also enable the review feature in Transifex, because when you fill in some new strings already with a proposed translation (as you did with language names), it is not possible to tell these apart from those translated by the language speaker.
In other Transifex projects I work on, when the developer uploads new strings with pre-filled translations, these are not reviewed, I can easily filter them and mark them as reviewed, or edit them if necessary.

Also, I recommend that everybody turns on the “Watch this project” feature, as you will be notified by email of any change (new strings) in the project.


I know you first posted this two weeks ago (I’ve been busy), but that works for me!


I recommend that Arabic, Hebrew, and Hindi should be included.
They are widely used in the Middle East and Southern Asia.


Thanks for the suggestion @Ivan_Kwong. I’ve added those three languages to the list. Of course we are dependent on the community to provide translations so hopefully there are some people out there willing to share their expertise! :slight_smile:


I can translate to NL_be (pretty much the same as Dutch, but could have little differences), I did already request it on transiflex.


@shiprib Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) has been revised as part of the translation is inaccurate, such as the locale name itself is informal at all, and cities are using non-Hong-Kong lingual, which has been revised in the latest revision. Please have a review on it.

In addition, Chinese (Mandarin) is not a formal-written lingual, Simplified Chinese is. Also apart from this, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) has two different lingual/vocabulary system, so it’s not the same as “Traditional Chinese”.

FYI, here is a list of “Chinese” linguals:

Simplified Chinese: 简体中文
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong): 繁體中文 (香港)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan): 正體中文 (臺灣)

Also… =snipped as not important at all, who else want to hear history huh?=
erhm, in short, Simplified Chinese also applies for Singaporean and Malaysian.


Thanks very much @lifehome!

I’ve looked about enabling reviewing, it’s been requested a few times, but Transifex does baffle me a bit. I’ve made you a reviewer on Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), but unfortunately I can’t do the same for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) because you’re already a member of another team. Which just seems weird!


There may be some conflicts about which word we should use for HK Chinese, but I am much more concerning about the “typos” (錯別字) when translating. It is because sometimes more widely accepted words is not actually the “right” word in written form.

Last but not least, inaccurate translation is usually inevitable, remember that translation is only the first draft, reviewing repeatedly is considered to be done.


I’ve made the danish translation today.

A couple of the words gave me some trouble though. I can’t seem to find perfectly suitable translations for Credits, Zen, Colorblind Mode and Leaderboard. Suggestions are welcome, allthough I think I found good solutions.

@shiprib can you tell anything about when the translation eventually is added to the game?

And can anyone tell me if I get notified by mail if there is added strings to the translation? I have added the project to my watchlist.


Hi everyone! Thanks again for your awesome work, after going live in Early Access on Steam it was pretty amazing to see how many languages appear on the sidebar. Pretty sure we’re breaking some kind of record here.

I’ve added a whole bunch more strings into Transifex. I see Chinese (China), Danish and Korean are already back at 100%! That’s pretty cool.

Also I’ve finally added some descriptions on what each word means and where it is used. If anything needs clearing up, please post about it here.

One more thing - we’ve changed the names of the game modes to “Commuter”, “Scenic”, “Rush Hour” and “Sandbox”.

@Dybro Thanks a lot! Danish made it into the first Steam build I’m pretty sure. And yeah, I believe you’ll already have been emailed about the latest update.