Localisation using Transifex


No problem - glad I can help :smile:

Hmm, it might be me, but I can’t seem to find Danish / Dansk inside the game. But I will be patient, it was just pure curiosity :smile:

Yes, I received a mail from Transifex earlier today, that said that there was new strings added to the project. As I had some spare time, I started translating them right away.


Aha, right you are. I’ve added Danish, Welsh and Ukranian into the options screen now. You’ll see these in the next Steam build!

Also I realised I didn’t add the short day names, “MON”, “TUE”, etc. I’m adding these right away.


I was getting notificiations in my mailbox about new transifex entries to be translated, so that functionality works as well :smile: I added everything to Dutch, though some things are hard to translate. Maybe someone could check and have a second opinion. Especially the entry “Exit to menu” - which I translated as something meaning “exit game and return to menu”, because in Dutch one can’t exit to something. I hope it’s not too long :slight_smile:
Also not sure what you mean by “scenic” - so I put “tourist” there (which is tourist in English as well).
Also for the weekdays I used two-letter abbreviations as these are the most common. Three-letter abbreviations for weekdays aren’t really used here.
One more thing, the English words “you” has two translations in Dutch - “jij” and “u” - the difference being that “u” is formal and “jij” is informal. I opted for informal “jij” everywhere because I thought that fit the game better.

By the way, I noticed Esperanto was added. Neat! I hope someone will come along that can fill those in :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the Danish translation with the short day names. In danish, Tuesday and Thursday most often is abbreviated with 4 letters though (the remaining day abbreviated with 3), so I have used 4 letters for these days. You can though, shorten them, and people will perfectly fine understand what is meant, but it would not be “right”.


A little more context would be helpful for some of the things. For the French in some cases, I’m not sure whether or not an article would be appropriate: e.g., “Locomotive” vs. “La locomotive” (the locomotive) vs. “Une locomotive” (a locomotive). DIfferent languages use articles in different contexts, so a word-for-word translation of when English uses an article would not come out right.


Also, is there any thoughts about formal vs. informal ‘you’ in languages with that distinction? I used “tu” (informal) in Spanish because the formal variants differ between Latin America and Europe, but I used “vous” (formal) in French because I thought that was better (they’re instructions to a stranger).


@jdonut Thanks for raising that point. I’ve added some more context for the use of articles for the upgrades (preferably no articles unless that would look unnatural) and also explained a bit better what the game modes descriptors mean.

Unfortunately, like most English-speakers, I’m not much help when it comes to the use of informal vs formal ‘you’! If there are differences between Latin and European Spanish we can add another version, that’s no problem.


If the informal variant doesn’t seem awkward, then it’s probably fine to keep both Spanish versions together, I think, but we would really need to ask a native speaker. There might also be a few words which differ that matter.


I’ve just completed the italian translation! :smiley:



First of all, congratulations for the amazing game you created!!

Im portuguese and I think there is space for improvement in the european portuguese translations.
I noticed that, sometimes, the treatment changes between “você” and “tu”, which is about the same in brazilian portuguese but different in the european one. “Você” is mostly used to address someone you don´t know very well and “tu” is used to address people you know well. If you want to give the game an informal dialogue with the player, then you should use the following translations, for example:

Instead of:
"Você recebeu um novo comboio"
It should be:
"Recebeste um novo comboio"
when you get the week upgrade for a new train

Instead of:
“Como gostaria de gastar o restante do aumento do seu orçamento?” (it doesn´t make sense to say o restante do aumento)
It should be:
“Como gostarias de gastar o resto do teu orçamento?”

In the Game over screen, the text is a little bit confusing; it should be replaced for:
“A sobrelotação desta estação forçou o encerramento do metro. #### passageiros viajaram no teu metro ao longo de ## dias.”

If you want, feel free to send me some text if you want european portuguese translations.

Thanks for the great game once again!



Cheers on the delightful game.

Please add Kannada (Southern India), I would like to translate.


Glad you’re enjoying it!

I’ve added Kannada to the list of languages on Transifex, you can sign up and find it here: https://www.transifex.com/dinosaur-polo-club/mini-metro/translate/#kn/content-1/50660252

Thanks for the support!


I’ve been enjoying this game since alpha and I am joining the translation works a few months before until now.
Although the language, Chinese (Hong Kong), which I had some translated already finished all translation of strings, there are no reviewers reviewing the strings and hence it can’t be used in the game (at least I don’t see it in the game). Is there any solution to this long-term problem?



Hello! Sorry, in the rush to get the mobile release out the door I didn’t see that you’d completed the zh_HK translation. I feel awful! We’ll get it in there for the next update.

Thanks so much for helping out!