Location, location, location


This would be time-consuming but great for obsessive players. But: what if each map were plotted on invisible grids or maps accurate to each city, so an ending to a game could tell you where exactly a system shut down? “…due to overcrowding at your station in Hackney.” “…your station in Park Slope, Brooklyn.” “…your station in Le Marais.”

I suspect I’m not the first person to suggest it. But it would be an incredible feature and definitely would keep me playing!

"Realistic" mode

This would be great. +1


That would be really neat if the maps were restricted to only where the subways run, but to achieve this, we’d have to do some major revisions that would include cutting down the play space which would make the game a bunch less interesting. This is one of those things that would have needed to be part of the main concept and would likely have a big impact on development of the game. It would be cool to learn about the different neighbourhoods in each of the cities though (and see your own too), but just not something we could do.