Map editor/selector


This is currently a small topic on the Trello board, though I feel like the comments made there are often unread by the developers, so I’m making a statement here. There are two options for a map editor/selector as I have observed, and I will list both below.

  1. World map (hardest to implement): Inside the Play menu, scrolling all the way to the right will reveal a ‘World’ option. Selecting this will move the camera to the world map screen (screen design here) in which all of the continents on Earth are mapped by a large grid. The player can select a piece of the first grid, which will reveal a smaller grid. Selecting a piece from this second grid will showcase the selected landform and ask the player for confirmation. Any grid items that contain only water or only land cannot be selected. Also, stickers will appear over any commonly selected grid item.
  2. Steam Workshop: A new menu will be created called ‘Workshop’, in which players have the option of creating their own landforms (by drawing rivers and customising the light and dark themes) or subscribing to and playing on landforms created by other people. The puzzle elements available on a particular landform as well as the speed of these elements can also be customisable.


Please wait for a developer for any updates on this matter.


Steam Workshop support is definitely on the cards!


I want to make an Map of Region Rostock and need a Map Creator oder Editor for them


I was thinking, can we have branches for the lines that the player creates. They will get extra locomotives and/or carriages for there lines. Just ThinkingB-)


It’s been requested in the past for a while.

Latest response from the dev as of now.

In short, it’s very difficult to get it in.


A map editor is something we really want to work on once the mobile version is released. Once that’s out the door we’ll have a better idea on how much development time we can commit to an editor for the desktop version, and can come up with some ridiculous optimistic timeframes for when we can get it released. :slight_smile: