Mini Metro always starts in Chinese in iOS


After updating to the latest version in Mini Metro, my language settings is now defaulted to Chinese/Mandarin without being able to change the language to english in iOS. Please advice and help. Thanks


Is it refusing to change or is it you just don’t understand Mandarin to change it?


My Mini Metro on iOS is set to Dutch but I can’t find an option to change the language.


Great game, but my game is stuck with Japanese. :frowning: Any bug/fix or directions on how to change the options?


Thanks for the heads up. We’ve had a few people mention it and we’ve got a fixed build in submission and will hopefully be out to you soon.


If there are other languages listed other than English in Settings > General > Language and Region, the game has opted to use that language rather than English. If the other languages are deleted from Settings the game should default back to English.


Same here my app is defaulted in Chinese but even if the slider says English. Just bought the game and to say the least it’s very disappointing to run into a bug within 2 minutes


Good news, everyone! The update should be available now if you go to the App Store page or the Update Tab. Sorry for the trouble!


Just change your iPad language.