Mini Metro Level Creator


Hello Dinosaur Polo Club
I am just sending in a query as to the possibility for a level creator
This would take some effort so I understand if you dont ever implement it, but i would still like to request this : )

The level creator would work by giving the player a number of stations, the ability to make a river, or a lake, or an ocean, etc
The player could set the number of lines (up to 7, setting colours too)
The player could also set the rewards for each week.
Then, after passing a Mario Maker esque test with the ability to get to 1K points, the player could upload the level to the world, and even play it themselves

Anyway, thanks for the recent update, I hope this game lives for a long time : )


Hello again, here is a link that represents the same sort of idea from a little while ago by @Merfolk_Forge: Customization Features

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion! It’s 99% decided that Mini Metro won’t have a full-blown map or scenario editor, but we are working on ways to let people be more creative with their cities. Watch this space!

A map editor is something we’ve wanted to build for a very long time, but given how the game was architected it would be a big, expensive job. It is something we’ll be seriously thinking about when building future games though. Definitely don’t want to make the same mistake twice.


If it helps, i believe people would be willing to buy a map creator.


3 quid dlc? I’d go for it. Make the community maps free to play but creation is DLC?


Id pay as much as the base game to create maps, it would improve the game 100000%


There’s always that 1%. Winks extremely subtly