Mini Metro More: Custom map loading in Mini Metro!


Brilliant! Will definitely check it out on the latest release soon as its up.

Are there limits to how many lines you can allow and map sizes? Just wondering if that may be the reason the devs never put in Tokyo. I can only imagine how many meals I’d miss if you could play a map like this on mini metro: City suggestions


Theoretically, no limit! That said, keeping tracking of that much stuff might blow up your computer and/or your brain.

I made my Qingdao map as a kind of maximalist experiment — huge map, 8 lines — and I’m working slowly at a Barcelona map that will have a 10-line limit, with a rare but generous 2-line weekly upgrade. I’m nervous excited to see how playable it’ll be though!


I love the maximalist concept though that’s evil putting all the uniques up in the top left corner in Qingdao, I’m getting flashbacks to St. Petersburg (but also I love it).

In terms of performance I’ve never actually encountered any slowdowns in Mini Metro and it’s actually the game that runs coolest for me. I think my brain will be holding the game back more XD. Now I’m counting the hours till the weekend.


For anyone following this thread, the 1.0 build of the mod is out now!