Mini Metro on Chromebooks!?



I remember posting a topic on here over a year ago, Dec 10, 2017 to be exact, where I asked whether Mini Metro would become available on Chrome OS soon because of the support of Android Apps. At the time it was said they were looking to support it, though didn’t have much work placed into it yet. Seems either my Samsung Chromebook Plus’ Play Store messed up or the Mini Metro devs have opened the game up to be downloaded on Chromebooks. I am currently on Chrome OS 72 on the developer build. I looked around for any announcement about this but couldn’t find anything. Anyone know anything about this?




Yep, in the latest update we fixed most of the input issues that were causing issues on Chromebooks and removed Chromebooks from the list of unsupported devices. We are still getting reports of a few inconsistencies when players switch between touchpad and touchscreen controls on some devices though, so I’m reluctant to call it fully-supported until we’ve ironed those out.