Mini Metro Origin Achievements Not Unlocking


I have Mini Metro on Origin and have not been able to unlock a single achievement. Not one. I have tried re-installing the game, I have tried a new profile within the game, and nothing works. I am definitely fulfilling the requirements of the simple achievements, such as “Oyster” (Deliver 200 passengers in London), so I am at a loss as to why nothing unlocks.

Are achievement unlocks working for anyone else on Origin?


We’ve had reports from other Origin users that achievements are only sporadically unlocking. We’re working with Origin on it but don’t know when they’ll seriously look into it. In the meantime, rest assured all the achievements are being stored locally as unlocked, and whenever the problem is fixed they’ll all be awarded retroactively the next time you start the game up.


I can say that on May 8 a whole bunch of achievements unlocked at once, but it is still very sporadic. Since then, I have done some digging and have found that you can see what is pending to be unlocked in your “output_log.txt” file that gets generated each time Mini Metro launches.

For example, from mine:

Profile: Completing achievement shanghai2 remotely.

This means that, at some point, the “Shanglow? Shanghai!” achievement will unlock. It seems to only be possible at game launch, and is seemingly random. I can launch the game ten times and nothing will unlock, or launch it twice and something new might unlock each time.

When something has been unlocked, that log will read something like:

OriginContext: Recording achievement Earl Grey (43) as complete.

For what it’s worth, I have only seen one achievement unlock when it should, while playing, as I fulfilled the requirements. Every single other one is essentially queued and will unlock on some random future game start.

So, if you want something to unlock, first check the aforementioned log to see if anything is pending, then just open and close Mini Metro until it does.


@peter I still think “Shanglow? Shanghai!” is bugged. I have gotten every other achievement to unlock except this one, despite having completed it about two weeks ago.


Thanks for the info! I’ll double-check that there’s nothing peculiar about the achievement on our end and get in touch with our contact at Origin.


It is still broken. I don’t really understand why this one is so hard to fix. :upside_down_face:


Me neither. We’re still working through some issues with the in-game overlay preventing or slowing startup on macOS.


Bumping an issue reported over 3 months ago and still not fixed. :roll_eyes: