Mini Metro Switch


Any news for the release date of the switch version? The post on Radial’s website said early 2018 but it’s getting on into mid-2018 now. I was wondering if you lovely folks can give us any updates on how long we’ve got until it hits the eShop.


So keen! We’re not quite ready to make formal announcements yet. We promise to make announcements when we’ve got solid info to share cross our hearts.


Looking forward to it.


*Goes back to hunting Lynels.


This news means buying a switch “for my daughter” will probably happen in June :wink:


Hey why disguise it? Just make sure to buy some games everyone will enjoy… (Mariokart, BOTW…)


tentatively bumps topic Got a release date yet?


You’ll get a release date when they are ready to announce. Right now, it’s officially expected to release in 2018.