MiniMetro for iOS Leaderboards not working?


Loving the new iOS game! However, when I complete a city, there is no connection to the leaderboards from any city. Whenever I tap the leaderboard icon (looks like a small graph in the bottom right corner of the city panel), I get the same error:

“Could not connect to the leaderboard. Please connect to the internet and try again.”

The device is connected to the internet (or I wouldn’t be able to type this).

Just curious, does MiniMetro utilize Game Center for leaderboards? Will this have an impact on the game as Game Center has been removed from iOS10?


Looks like it was Game Centre not playing well with MM. Logged out of Game Centre and logged back in. After that it all worked well.


I had the same problem; the leaderboard in the app did not show my highest scores, while the leaderboard in Game Center did.

Double-tapped home button and sviped to exit MiniMetro, then signed out of Game Center in settings and signed back in again. Solved the problem :slight_smile: