Mobile pricing discussion


I am all for paying for games on mobile platform. Freemium games are a huge turn off for me, I don’t want to have to check back every day, and most importantly I do not want to play a waiting game. So many free games have you wait on items, so game play is harvest, st new items and come back in a few hours. Those aren’t games, their chores.

I want to pay for a game and have all of it readily available. I want to level up due to skill, not how much money I put into it, and most importantly, I do not want ads. If you ask me it is not a question of free or paid, but how much to charge. As I said, I prefer to buy a game, but there is only so much I am willing to pay for a mobile game. Most (if not all) of the mobile games I have bought are under $5. I am not entirely apposed to paying more than $5, but I would have to know I enjoy the game before I am willing do dish out more money. That’s why I love demos. Play a little for free, buy what I line, pass on what I don’t.


What if the procedurally generated content keeps the random seed it generates, and reuses the seed over and over again each time the player plays 1 level of London?


As a developer of both paid and free iOS/android games, I would say without a doubt this should be premium, around the $2.99 to $4.99 price range. It has a clean aesthetic which Apple will like, so I reckon you’re likely to get a feature if you contact them ahead of release.

Although the freemium market is huge, it’s better suited to small throwaway games or big clash of clan / candy crush style games where they’ve spent ages tuning the monetisation to ensure it is cost effective to buy installs. It’s much harder to make a dent in the free charts, at least for longer than a week.


Also, I wouldn’t bother making 2 versions. The version that gets featured by apple is all that matters in most cases, so just concentrate on one.


I think for me, I’d be interested in buying it as a paid app, just a one-off purchase, but if you decided to go for freemium with ads, etc, I’d definitely want an in app purchase to remove the ads. Many games do this and I have no problem with it, especially if it helps deliver the game to more potential users, and gives it a wider exposure.

I love the game as it is already on Steam, and can’t wait to buy it for my iPad.


I think what may be best for you, the developer, is a free demo (1 map, limited upgrades & WITH adds) and a paid full version without adds.

As a windows phone user the “try” option is always appreciated, and with gentle reminders that paying will remove adds and add content you’ll get more (WP) conversions.



Perhaps a free game that is limited in its capabilities, and there is an in-app purchase option that unlocks the full game and a Steam key. Likewise, the same goes in reverse: the Steam/Humble version has a key that unlocks the full game on mobile if that version was not purchased using the key from mobile?

Sounds complicated from a programming side, but I think that would be good for users.


Or maybe have a constant non-changing random seed and use the seed for the procedural generation of stations and layouts, as well as controlling all other randomness involved in the game. I am pretty sure this has been mentioned by someone else. This will provide a limited capability for a free Mini Metro game.


Make a mobile Game dir iPhones and samsungs


Hi guys!

Im fairly new to the game and want to say thanks that you reach out to the community on this issue!

But Im not sure the community will give you the answer you need. Everyone here is sold on the game and will buy it straight off for a reasonable price. The community will not want adds or inapp purchases just buy it and get going.

The main flaw of purchase once model is that it pays for the development that has been done but not for more content. I really like in game purchases when they pay for content developement. If I can buy new cities as you guys keep developing them then Im supper happy with in game pruchaces.

You should be payed for your work and you shouldnt stop working on this game just because its been released!!

Though I would not even bother with the game if there are ingame purchases to combat timers.

While people do want to try games for free and to some extent even play for free no one likes adds. There are people that dont mind adds, but no one likes them. So please just stay away from adds.

My suggestion would be to have one “fantasy city” as a free city and then sell each city as inapp purchases. 99 cents for each city and then add bundles that are like 3.99 for a “theme” this could be US Cities, EU Cities, Asian Cities.

I think this way its more likely that you will support the game long term and keep developing it then if it was straight up front purchase.

Thanks and keep up the good work!



I think that if you have bought the PC, Mac etc. versions, you should get the mobile for free


Humble users get the Android version for free once it releases, but any other cross platform options simply aren’t possible due to limitations on either the platform (eg. maximum number of iOS copies to ‘give away’ for free by the developer) or from the seller (eg. Steam doesn’t allow Android games).


The problem I have with free-to-play titles is that the quest of the developer to take the player’s money extends into the game itself. This creates a below-optimal experience where the game itself is an advertisement.

What I mean is this. If I pay up-front for a game, then as soon as I start the game, the developers already have my money, so the game can use all its resources to entertain me, without being abused to try to get money from me. This means that the advertisement and the game are separated - the advertisement is in the store, on the websites, on review sites, on youtube videos, between friends, on billboards (digital or not), wherever, but not in the game. So when I start the game, I’m away from the advertisements, and can enjoy the experience as they designers meant it to be (i.e. the experience as advertised outside of it).

If there is a free app with in-app purchases, the game will inevitably try to convince me to buy things. So, the game becomes an advertisement. This impedes the experience. I don’t want to be nagged to buy stuff when I’m playing a game, I want to play the game. Of course, much of this has to do with how the IAP is advertised, and how much it’s in the way of the experience (because it’s always in the way, because every advertisement that’s noticed is in the way by default). So here the message is: keep it decent. Players need to be able to find the buy button and know what it gets them, but they don’t need to be reminded after every level.

That said, I have never bought any mobile apps simply because I don’t have my device connected the things I would need for that.


Here’s my 2ct.

Make the game as it is BUT for 1.99 you get the daily challenge (DC) only. For 9.99 you get also all extra maps.
Since the DC you can play only once, that is enough for those who wants to play a little and for only 2 bucks.
For those who really, really like the game (like me), 10 bucks is around the same price as steam.

PS: I came to know the game through Skyes Storm’s YouTube channel. I really think that giving some keys to professional YouTubers can give you a better ROI.

See you underground ! :smiley:


Your game is fine art. Most will not take what I am about to say seriously as it is QUITE eccentric:

If you realized the amount of innovation contained within your game, you wouldn’t sell a copy for less than $100.

My take is simply this: Charge as much as possible and let your creation be praised as fine, hipster, eccentric, gallery-worthy art. Be different. Be wealthy. Take care of yourself so you may continue to care for those around you in joy.


Picked the game up recently and love it - checked the Google Play store to see if mobile version…

I would definately pay for this on mobile so could play on the train (please don’t require internet access for it to work).

The price i think is a big blocker on mobile because the mobile market is so full of crud people are legitimately nervous about shelling out for something they haven’t played.

One thing to consider is this. Giving it away for free would be a phenomenal advert for your software house and may drive sales of future products. “From the makers of hit game Mini Metro…”

Id software gave away episode 1 of Doom, i assume because they realised it was so good they needed maximum exposure and then the sales not only of full doom but also so many sequel games followed.

I think putting a £5 paywall would be a mistake without some kind of free version.

In the past I have played a ‘lite’ version of games and then paid for the full version - I never would have bought full version without the Lite one being available for free. An example is Air Control, with Air Control Lite containing only first map for free.


Like someone else mentioned, only allow them to play the dai… Oh right. The Setting time forward method.

Anyways, here’s my 2 useless pieces of copper and zinc:

  1. Offer a full version for 10 Bucks. No Ads, No IAPs, NOTHING but pure awesomeness.

  2. Offer a demo that can be expanded upon.
    Free version should contain only the daily challenge and nothing else. However, allow infinite sections. Also, add in ads. Really subtle ones thoufh, like an ad on the pause menu, or maybe do things like making sponsored maps.
    As they play on, they earn in game credits, which allows them to purchase maps and game modes. Here’s the fun part of the story: You of course can buy ad removals and map packs.

Oh, and please, for the love of god, do not sync it to an online server, or else my Lucky Patc… I mean I cannot play it while offline.


I think you should have it $0 to then the full price
Just one level to start with like the unity one on the site (thats what got me hooked btw)
Then the fulll game
PS can you have the iOS game free for PC game holders
Kind Regards,
What was my Name again?


I understand that the mobile version require promotion.
But can it not be done by apparently generic review…? Literally translating “this is what I want” into other languages and then post that as google play review does not work…