Montreal day 10


The last 2 times I’ve played Montreal, on day 10 around 1400 trips, suddenly the population spikes, and I have dozens of people waiting at every station. Is this a feature or a bug?


Hmm, I’ll check it out. Week 10 I assume you mean?


Yes, it’s week 10.

I don’t blame the numbers though.


I had a similar experience in Melbourne. Everything went rather fine (on the edge but managable) but there was suddenly a population spike (see the graph) and most of the stations were suddenly crowded. There was no way how to get over it and it was a game over after few seconds. I was at around 2500 passengers… Such sudden death was not very inspirational :slight_smile: :frowning:


Do you still have that game session’s log file?

If yes, can you please upload it to this thread, so the developers can take a look after the holidays?