Multiplayer Play?


I really appreciate the developers for the constant updates on the Mini Metro game, it has been really interesting.

May I request for a multiplayer play as it would be definitely more interesting to play Mini Metro with a friend live, rather than via the leadership boards, not necessarily with overlays, but with a simple ‘Hosting screen’ and start button which starts both games at the same time, displaying analytics such as efficiency, score etc. at the end of the game and a simple message system to show how multiplayers are doing in text form (as opposed to the more complicated ‘overview’ function that others has been requesting)

Thank you!


I like this idea!!!


There are a bunch of different avenues that we could take Mini Metro with multiplayer (we’ve had some fun brainstorming about it a bit). However, this is one of those cases that the game isn’t written in a way that would support multiplayer without completely rewriting the game as we didn’t have it in mind at all when the game was being built. Sorry to be the crusher of dreams :frowning:


@Navi I have recently acquired a SUR40, the original (version 2) Surface coffee table. The game works really well on it.

Would be awesome to see a “surface” version for the game, where two people on each side of the coffee table can play. All you would need to do is duplicate the interface, so a version faces each player. You would still keep one map in the centre tho.

Cheers, and I love this game.